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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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ój >> glenn: here are the unions that -- the union members that are protesting me. that's fine. i want you to know as union member, i'll stand with you. i just won't stand with this guy, the guy you're standing with. who is standing with this guy and this guy and this guy? who is standing with these people? good night. >> bret: libyan leader muammar gaddafi vows not to leave his country. plus a tragic end to a tale of piracy involving four americans. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report". good evening, i'm bret baier. defiant muammar gaddafi is vowing to stay in his country despite international condemnation overuprising
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every day. there is gunfire on protesters and a plea from help over the top diplomat to the u.s. the headlines, the u.s. security council met to discuss the deteriorating situation in libya. there are now reports that the bodies of slain protesters line the streets of tripoli. gaddafi gave a rambling and raucous speech earlier today. amy kellogg has details from london. >> reporter: libyan leader muammar gaddafi addressed the nation from the old house that was bombed by american war planes in 1986, an attack that killed his adopted daughter. it was the colonel's way to show he fought americans and suffered losses for libya. >> when this place was bombed at my home, where were you rats? where were you men with beards? where were you? you were with america. >> reporter: he said he would die in libya a martyr. to many it was a delusional and menacing rant where gaddafi said the unity of
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china was more valuable than the protesters on ten -- tiananmen square. [ inaudible ] i can't describe it myself. >> with hundreds now believed to have been shot dead in the street, the brutality is untenable, even to libyan diplomats who have been quitting their posts in droves. as protest demanding some action take place outside 10 downing street, the united kingdom has a warship nearby to evacuate british nationals from libya if need-be. gaddafi may be holding on but libyans abroad are planning their future. >> we know we can work together. we care for the country and
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we have always been together. we never had any division. >> reporter: there is also a lot of concern it could descend in a civil war. we are getting report that the army deployed a large number of soldiers in the town west of the capital after protesters attacked the securities building and the libyan interior minister resigned today. he is encouraging the army to go to the site of the protesters. >> bret: amy kellogg live in london. thank you. libya deputy ambassador to the united nations says genocide has started in his country. u.s. and many other nations are calling to an end to the violence in libya. some more forcefully than others. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is following that story from the state department. >> as the protesters spread, the arab league called the libyan government reaction genocide and injected the libyan representative from their meeting in cairo. but the obama administration
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appeared reluctant to criticize colonel muammar gaddafi by name. president obama has not spoken publicly about libya. nor did the state department spokesman address it until 15 minutes into the daily briefing. >> finally, secretary of state hillary clinton spoke. >> government of libya bears responsibility for what is occurring and must take action to end the violence. >> u.s. officials are concerned about the 35 state department employees and their families who they are trying to evacuate right now. they don't want an iranian hostage crisis. gaddafi is the godfather of modern terrorism. he blew up a discotheque in 1986.
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libyan agents blew up pan am flight 103. in 2003, gaddafi turned over his weapons of mass destruction fearing he was next on the american hit list after saddam hussein. the u.s. state department then took libya off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the only man held for pan am 103 bombing was returned to libya by scottish authorities because he was allegedly dying of cancer, which he wasn't. today senator john kerry threatened sanctions. "the gaddafi government use of deadly force against its own people should mean the end of the regime itself." it's beyond despicable and i hope we are listening the last hours in power." there are an estimated 600 americans in libya tonight. there are flights canceled as we speak. white house press secretary jay carney called the situation "appalling." >> bret: jennifer griffin at the state department. thank you. the situation in libya sent oil prices soaring to the
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highest level in more than two years. april features jumped $5.71 today in new york to close at $59.42 a barrel. we'll tell you where it could be heading and how it could affect the u.s. economy later in the program. egypt military rulers today swore in a new cabinet replacing several ministers left over from the regime of ousted president hosni mubarak. there are still many unanswered questions in egypt. the real turmoil shifted to other region. thousands of protesters rallied in yemen, burning a car belonging to the supporter of the embattled president. a massive rally was held monday night after the king ordered release of some political prisoners in concession to protesters. the wisconsin state senate was back to work today but the big news is what the lawmakers are not working on. democrats continue the self-imposed exile in illinois to avoid a vote on a
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measure restricting collective bargaining rights to public workers and it's now spread to another midwestern state. we have team coverage. doug mckelway is in columbus, ohio, where there is a major protest against a more restricted version of wisconsin bill. correspondent mike tobin is in madison, wisconsin, tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. today marks a day that wisconsin republicans attempted to take all the pressure that has been heaped on them by a week of demonstrations and directed back at the senate democrats. >> the wisconsin senate came to order. absence of 14 senate democrats highlighted by roll call. wisconsin republicans turned up the heat saying that the deadlock is not broken and the budget bill does not move forward, 1,500 plus state employees would receive layoff notices next week. >> thaw don't understand the big picture. without the changes, the
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mayors and the county board chairs and the school board around the state will not be able to absurd deep cuts coming next week in the governor budget. >> one senate democrat still somewhere over the border said that is an idle threat. >> i don't know why he is saying that. he has the financial concessions he needs to balance the budget. >> in the house or assembly as called in wisconsin, there are enough democrats for the passionate budget bill. >> this is not a game. you are dealing with people's lives. >> it's now bogged down with debate and over 100 amendments. >> we get it. this is a stall tactic. we get it. your counterparts in the senate won't even show up for work. >> they are still packed with the union demonstrators and they are urging legislators to move forward. >> for the 14 senate
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democrats you had your time. now it's time to come home. >> the president told us today if they compromise now there is nothing to stop democrats making a run for the border the next time they don't like legislation. senate democrats promise they won't do that but the republican senate president said it sets a bad precedent. bret? >> bret: mike tobin in madison. thank you. ohio lawmakers are looking at their own version of a budget measure that expands the field of public workers affected to include police and firefighters. correspondent doug mckelway has the latest. >> it's known as senate bill 5 and setting off a fire storm in ohio. it would end collective bargaining for all unionized state workers from the university professors, toll-takers, police officers, firefighters and teachers. among the more controversial components it would require merit-based pay, eliminate binding ashation and seniority and would require the state work torres pay higher sector percentages for
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plan for retirement. >> cincinnati reports they are having growing cost annually on the payroll of 18%. but once it's approve and you go down the path you can never reverse it. trying to give them the ability to adjust. they are not bankrupting the community. >> the rules for dismissing professor are inflexible. it could take two-and-a-half years to complete. >> we don't have two-and-a-half years to react to the market. changing too quickly. >> the unionized workers say component of the bill such as ending binding arbitration would increase cost. >> there is no end point. you continue on through the process or go to court or back a dog in a corner and they come out fighting. we don't want to see that. >> when asked if it could lead to wisconsin sit-out this one responded crypticly.
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>> i'm there to teach the kids how to think, not what to think. what i do as individual and private person i'll do. >> it's in the early stage of consideration and yet to get out of senate committee and yet to be introduced in the state house. the republicans enjoy almost unchecked power in the statewide offices here emboldened by the last november election result and determined to reign in spending. >> everything around the issue of the budget is designed to create a platform for job growth and entrepreneurship. if we don't do that, we won't make it as a state. >> ohio is a blue state and industrial and red state in the south and that split is almost a bipolar like manic swings in years past. it appears to be in a panic swing right now. where it ends, bret, is difficult to predict. >> bret: doug mckelway live in columbus tonight. thank you. wisconsin is not the only
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state dealing with democratic walk-out. we go live to indiana later in the show for report on that state's general assembly who skipped town in protest of right to work legislation. but first, a tragedy at sea. that story is next. ♪ [ folk pop ] [ man ] ♪ if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't hurt you ♪ ♪ and if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't desert you ♪ ♪ [ continues ] [ annocer ] when it comes to the things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto and home. call or click now for an agent or quote.
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[ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >> bret: four americans taken hostage by somali pirates were killed today. it happened as negotiations were underway to try to win their release. two of the victims are from southern california. correspondent anita vogel has more. >> reporter: there is shock and outrage over the murders tonight. the first in years of american citizens at the hand of somali pirates. phyllis mckay and bob riggel of seattle, washington.
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they were part of the americans capture and there was use of unmanned vehicles. negotiations were underway with navy forces when the pirates fire toward the ship with a rocket-propelled grenade. the special operation forces arrived and they found the americans had been shot. the u.s. government strongly condemned the killings. secretary of state hillary clinton called the actions deplorable. >> our deepest sympathies go to the families at this time. we will honor their memory by strengthen i strengthening international responses and partnership to bring the criminals to justice. to more effectively end the courage of piracy, something that should ptd exist in the 21st century.
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>> they were described to auz an extraordinary couple who dedicated retirement years to something they called friendship evangelism. sailing around the world on their yacht to hand out bibles in remote places. often times they went to dangerous spots. the monsignor here says he had been praying for couple for the last few days. last time he saw them was over christmas when they stopped in talk about their travels. >> they chose to go on the high seas and the far flung corner of the earth. their way of doing that was to bring scripture and bible and word of god to people from all parts of the world. >> the remaining 15 were in u.s. custody aboard the uss enterprise with the bodies of the four americans. no word if they pirates are
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being brought back to kenya or the united states. back to you. >> tragic story. thank you. two iranian vessels traveled through the suez canal today en route to syria. the first such passage since the iranian revolution in 1979. israel did not comment today. but earlier termed the act a provocation. rescue teams in new zealand are searching through rubble looking for survivors from a major earthquake. it happened tuesday afternoon local time in christ church. it's believed that people were killed in the quake. two delegation of lawmakers and business leaders were in the country at the time. state department says they are safe. back here in the u.s., drug manufacturers want young girls including preteenagers to have access to emergency contraception pills. you can imagine, some people have a problem with this. correspondent shannon bream looks at both sides of the issue. >> reporter: less than two years after the fda approved the plan "b" morning after pill for over the counter use
6:19 pm
by women 17 and old every, the drug's maker is asking that all restreictions be lifted so anyone of any age could walk in and buy plan "b" without seeing a doctor. >> a drug company is trying to sell this to minor girls without parent's knowledge or concept. >> along with this reflection of the fda, the company behind plan "b" submitted data for girls as young as 11 used the drug. drug testing on children is legal pursuant to the fda law and regulation but that age range along with the purpose of the drug is raising eyebrows. >> any case a minor girl is seeking the drug there needs to be adult intervention and a doctor involved to find out if the girl is being abused. >> the drug must be used within three days of unprotected sex. and says, "we believe it's so important that we remove all the barriers to obtaining plan "b" one step so anyone
6:20 pm
who needs it can get it as quickly as possible." the general timeline for a drug to be re-classified from prescription to unrestricted over the counter by the fda is ten months but each case is different. they will do a benefit to risk analysis and study whether the labelling can be done so the consumers can safely use the drug without intervention of a medical professional. supporters of expanding the availability of plan "b" long argued that the move is ov overdue. "all of the scientific facts are there. it's agreed that merge contraception is safe and effective to be sold over the counter to all ages." the fda was sued to refuse to grant over the counter plan "b" and they allowed access without a prescription to those 17 and older. whether the age limitation goes away altogether remains to be seen. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: a lot of wisconsin teachers skipped school last
6:21 pm
week to protest. how have they been doing in the classroom? interesting numbers in the grapevine. straight ahead, shatters dreams and careers.
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>> bret: south dakota republican senator john thune says he will not run for president next year. thune posted a statement on his facebook page this morning saying, "there is a battle to be waged over what kind of country we're going to leave our children and grandchildren and that battle is happening now in washington, not two years from now. so at this time i feel i am best positioned to fight for america's future here in the trenches of the united states senate." former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel was the favorite going in today's voting for mayor of chicago.
6:25 pm
six candidates are on the ballot. if no one gets 60% of the vote plus one there will be a run-off in april. home prices fell in december. in 19 of 20 major u.s. cities. many to the lowest point since the housing bust. in today's segment of our shattered dream series, correspondent james rosen examines how the collapse of the housing market affected workers in the industry. >> john gill's family operated a real estate firm in washington, d.c., since 1888. though the nation's capital weathered the housing market better than most cities he has seen real estate go down. >> it drives other industries. everybody's business is down. i have recommend several home inspectors in our area, and to a man, every one of them said, has said that their business is down. >> the home construction industry shed more than 300,000 job over the last two years.
6:26 pm
in john gill's own line of work the rate of attrition has been extraordinary. consider in 2006, at the height of the housing bubble, more than 350,000 americans worked as real estate brokers and analysts, high for the decade. by the end of 2010, it dwindled to below 200,000, lowest in a decade. five years ago, 145,000 americans were employed as mortgage and non-mortgage loan brokers. now only 60,000 people are employed, workforce decimated by more than half. hard hit is the moving industry. >> things dropped off dramatically around the end of 2007. the decrease we have seen overall has been around 40% of a loss in the market. jobs wise. we are probably down at least 20%. >> the warehouse processed in the recession because people's home who were fore closed needed a place to stash their stuff. now they expect the movers in
6:27 pm
their own fortune to see positive movement. >> we had in november and december of last year, increase in moving services of up to 15% over the same time last year. so, we're very optimistic. . >> one related workforce that has grown since 2006, those who process and clear financial tran actions because even if cutback, big wheel of data and paperwork keeps turning. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: libyan leader muammar gaddafi gets called a lot of things. some of them we can't mention in polite conversation. but others are next the grapevine. just how are the protesting teachers in wisconsin performing? [ female announce] it's lobsterfest. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails
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snee now fresh -- >> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. we learn that wisconsin's students cannot read proficiently and only 34% earned proficient or better rating, 4% higher than the national average. the other 66% earned a rating at or below basic and the tests show they have improved by a single point since 199 #
6:32 pm
despite increase in spending per pupil. military mom in tennessee has been given apology by her employer after being given suspension for answering a phone call in work hours. teresa danford's son is a marine deployed in afghanistan. he only gets to call home once a month so she didn't think twice about answering the phone but that decision broke the company no cell phone rule and resulted in a three day suspension without pay. factory managers said if it happened again they would fire her. after the subsequent public outcry, they revived the no phone policy and agreed to pay danford for the days she did not work. a lot of parents are worried about their children being on facebook. one egyptian man decided to name his first born daughter after the social networking site. the wanted to pay tribute to
6:33 pm
the social network that helped as mubarak left power. so he named her facebook. muammar gaddafi has a number of titles that were given to him or he chose. they include imam of muslims. dean of arab rulers. keeper of arab nationalism. king of kings. and grapevine's favorite, this is real, mad dog of the middle east. no matter what you call gaddafi, the impact of his regime is having effect of oil prices. we told you they were up $6 a barrel today to close at the liest price in more than two -- highest price in more than two years. wendell goler reports that higher fuel prices are just what the u.s. economy does not need. >> as the president continued the weekly trip to speed up the economic recovery, a spokesman said he was keeping an eye on libya. not just for the instability which the aides condemn but because of the impact libya unrest is having on the global oil prices which experts say is substantial.
6:34 pm
>> we have seen crude oil price futures fluctuate wildly moving from 5, 6, 7% higher in one day. >> gasoline prices are higher than a year ago. international companies including b.p. and shell are cutting production or removing their staff from libya altogether. analysts say continued high oil prices could make it more difficult to bounce back from the recession. >> if the oil price continues to rise, it has a good effect at all. it hasn't affected the rally. >> oil shortages triggered price spikes in '73 and '80. libya might not have as much impact but it might be enough to undermine the tax cut that the president agreed to. >> part of the stimulus we got from the lower tax rate in december could be wiped out by the higher oil prices
6:35 pm
if unrest in libya was sustained and spread to other oil producers. >> the lame duck tax cut caused experts to double prediction of this year's economic growth, to spark job growth that the recovery has been lacking. increased driving as we head to vacation season and recovery expected to give people enough confidence to vacation more are likely to do their part to push up gasoline prices. add a somewhat weaker dollar you have what one analyst says all the things moving together at the right time to cause pain at the gas pump. saudis say they can make up for libyan loss oil production but it might take persuading. in 2008 when oil spiked at $148 a barrel, they resisted pressure to increase production and only the global recession itself reduced the demand. and eventually brought the price down. bret? >> bret: thank you. consumer confidence index rose in february to the highest point in three years
6:36 pm
but it's still well below a reading indicating a stable economy. stocks plunged today. the dow lost 178.5. the s&p 500 gave back 27.5. the nasdaq dropped 77.5. most of the democratic members of the indiana general assembly left their desks today in protest of right to work legislation in that state. correspondent steve brown is live in indianapolis to tell us what happened. good evening, steve. >> hey, bret. the indiana house democrats are believed to have fled the state are either reportedly in illinois or kentucky. they are also believed to be a number of house dems also still in the hoosier state, but laying low. either way, they have so far successfully forced house bill 1468. or the so-called right to work bill in this state. the proposed legislation would make it a crime for anyone in indiana to become member of the union or pay union dues. only three indiana house democrats showed up this morning, denying the house
6:37 pm
enough members to call the chamber into session. house republicans were outraged. governor mitch daniels also a republican called the democrats' boycott a legitimate political move, saying today that he believes that the people's consciences will bring them back to work. i choose to believe that our friends in the minority having made their point will come back and do their duty. there is no indication the democrats will come back tonight. that will successfully kill the bill. house speaker says there are other ways to bring the bill back to life. bret? >> bret: we will follow it. thank you. we will talk about the trouble in libya and muammar gaddafi's defiant response. and the obama administration's response to that. the fox all-stars are next.
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great ancestry. i cannot leave my grandfather's grave. i shall die as a martyr beside him in the end. >> please, please help libyan people. help them. they are burning. they've been kill iing the streets and the houses. we need the world to help us. >> we are obviously watching developments in libya with great concern. we have joined with the international community in strongly condemning the violence in libya. >> a refiant libyan leader, as you look at protests in tripoli. the libyan ambassador resigned pleading for u.s. help. the secretary of state making a statement where she said appropriate action would have to be take within the international community. now believed hundreds dead, shot in the street in tripoli, some by helicopter gunships. we have not had a presidential statement on this issue yet. the president hasn't spoken
6:42 pm
out, has not released a statement. we did get a statement earlier about the earthquake in new zealand. obviously also a tragedy. what about the obama administration's response and the exploding situation in libya? let's bring in the panel. jonah goldberg, at large editor of "national review" online. juan williams, columnist with "the hill" and fox news analyst. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> this is a president that arrogantly went around the world in the first year in office saying he was raising the moral standard of the united states in the world after the travesties that he saw in the bush administration. here he is. he has said nothing on what is happening in libya. which is a case of brutality and near genocide to use the word of one of his own -- gaddafi's own diplomats. the shooting from helicopter
6:43 pm
gunships, strengthen the demonstrators, from bombers is astonishing. it doesn't happen anywhere else. here was a president, our president who went out there on television again and again on egypt, which in comparison what is happening in libya was boy scout treatment of the demonstrations. but on libya, as last year, a year-and-a-half ago in iran, where they were a higher order of ruthlessness and brutality. shooting the demonstrators in the street. massive trials and hanging and all that. higher law that anything among our allies in the region, he has said almost nothing. why can't the president find a voice, "a," for reasons of morality, simply upholding our traditions? second, strategic interests. these are the most anti-americans regime and he says nothing. >> it is different when secretary of state issues a statement, talks to reporters and puts out a paper release and then a presidential statement. there is a difference here. what about the
6:44 pm
administration, how they are doing this right now? >> i think they are on track. i think they are doing fine. i think what charles suggests would amount to amateur hour. this is a different situation than egypt. we had clear lines, with the egyptian military to allow us to exercise leverage and influence. >> bret: not even one line. not a paper release. not one line. >> we have employees there, trying to evacuate their families. we have a lot at risk in terms of american assets. libya is also a tremendous oil producer. a lot of things going on as we see oil prices go up because of reductions, reduced production coming from that field. but the thing is we have to act in a way to be pragmatic and effecttive. i understand they condemn, what is a genocide. and muammar gaddafi is nothing but a terrorist and a thug. but it might give us pleasure to simply speak out against him but it will not help the
6:45 pm
protesters and it will not get gaddafi out of office. >> he's speaking out about iran. as protesters, we know if they go in the street they will be slaughtered. these people are getting slaughtered. >> i'm just not sure i follow the logic. there were clearly more americans in egypt than there were in libya. egypt, has the suez, they have a relationship with gaza and all the rest. egypt is 80 million people. more strategic important country. we have ally that is the head of the regime and obama came to condemn him. the message is if you are a staunch ally and friend of the united states, the u.s. will condemn you publicly and by name. but if you are a butcher, muammar gaddafi, the white house will be ginger and careful to not offend you. to me that is an amateur hour position and a position that somehow puts the moral horse before the cart.
6:46 pm
the refusal to condemn what is the easily and most clear cut condemnable action. >> bret: let me ask you this. appropriate action, we heard from secretary clinton. according to senior defense officials, u.s. has one destroyer, uss stout. it will be tough, according to the defense officials, to set up a no-fly zone. over libya. it wouldn't happen quickly, if there was force needed. look at the map. the suez canal is there, the uss enterprise, aircraft carrier went through and is now out of mediterranean sea. there is not a lot of military options right now. >> there are no, you know, i take the military at its word they can't compose a blanket no-fly zone the way it had in southern iraq where they had time to set something up. the idea you can't put some steel behind some rhetoric, we don't even have the rhetoric, forget the steel. the idea you cannot in some way say there will be
6:47 pm
consequences to gaddafi in a way that we were willing to say about egypt, that we're willing even to say to a certain extent about iran seems to me bizarre. >> bret: charles? >> right now, very short of a military action is a simple condemnation. elementary decency of the united states expressing, the president expressing the feeling that americans about condemn the government openly and without this kind of talking around the issue that the secretary of state had done. secondly, all of this started in tunisia weeks ago. it isn't as if it happened yesterday. we have aircraft carriers around the world. why isn't there an american carrier in the mediterranean? yes, you want one in the golf. but it isn't as if no one had idea any it would happen in the mediterranean. >> bret: quickly. former president clinton said he regretted not acting in rwanda when genocide was
6:48 pm
happening there. is this setting up -- their own people are calling it genocide -- to be a regret for president obama possibly? >> we don't know how it plays out but yes. if you have a situation that now it escalates and this becoming untenable to the point that there is a slaughter going on, it would be hugely regrettable. at the moment they're playing on a diplomatic field. to respond to jonah, the big difference here is not that we abanned -- abandoned the ally in egypt. here we are saying we'll put you on trial if you commit act of genocide. don't think the world isn't watching. i'm reluctant to say the administration should be more forth right with rhetoric. for what? >> bret: got to run. last word. >> if you are ally of the united states, israel, egypt, honduras, elsewhere, obama is not a friend. if you are an enemy of the united states he might give you a pass. >> bret: next up, labor troubles in wisconsin and ohio.
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some of the people protesting have an idea we're take their jobs or their pensions. that is not what this is about. this is restoring a balance between management and labor. >> even the teacher's union wised up that they're no longer on their side and forced employees to come back to work. >> let's not turn a wisconsin issue to a washington issue. the president was clear about what he thinks should happen at the state and local government. we have to work together and do more with less. >> bret: standoff continues and it's getting focus from around the country. now a protest in ohio as
6:53 pm
well. protesting collective bargaining rights. we're back with the panel. jonah? >> valerie jarret says it's not a washington issue, it's a wisconsin issue. it's obviously a national issue at this point. the national debate. seeing this in ohio and indiana. lord knows it's coming in new york state and new jersey there are aspects to it. the idea this is not a national issue that obama has a position on is frankly absurd. >> bret: he weighed in. >> now they've come back, and that tells you something about the popularity and role of the unions in america. more people are matching mentalist on thursday night on cbs that belong to labor union today. they have a stranglehold on a political party and aspect of american government. >> bret: you couldn't use a fox number? >> i couldn't find any fox numbers that low. >> bret: nicely done. juan? >> i think valerie jarret is
6:54 pm
backtracking here. it's clear it was an assault on the labor unions. and now they're saying we understand that there are concessions on the table but this is saying to the union you should not go in the union member pocket, take their dues and apply it for the political purposes, usually elect democrats who have the pension plan and benefit. it's about politics. i have don't know what he does. unless maybe she is running scared. but my sense is she may be retreating early. i'm not sure she should be giving up. the clear feeling is i think looking at the poll numbers, americans want the government to talk to un -- governor to talk to union members even if they believe they were abusing rights in the past. >> bret: charles? >> the outcome is in the balance of wisconsin. governor will make a mistake if he goes to layoff next week. we would gratuitously created victims, hostage and scapegoat -- >> bret: you are the one
6:55 pm
saying this is reagan moment for air traffic control. >> but tactics have to be different. what he can and ought to do is take out of the bill the parts that don't have to do with the fiscal matters. the heart of the issue is take away bargaining rights. he doesn't need a quorum of 20, he doesn't need democrats. he can do that. the he passes that, then all that is left the give-back with the union made on the money. there would be no reason for chicago democrats to stay in chicago and hide. he has a winning tactic but he is not exercising it. if he goes to selective layoff he will lose the public relations pattabattle.
6:56 pm
>> bret: how long does it last? >> days, not weeks. >> another week or so. it's spreading. this is a big issue. >> one side has to give. i think it will be decided next week. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for an interesting question-and-answer session from wisconsin.
6:57 pm
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